The Trinity: Experienced (part one)

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.   It's the movement of your hands. It's the closing of a prayer. It's the sign of the biggest and most abstruse mystery. But I have always doubted the timelessness of it all. In my mind, which is a vast chamber of pop … Continue reading The Trinity: Experienced (part one)


10 tips for the Senior Class of 2017

As I am now an older, wiser version of myself, I thought I may spread my wisdom. Ugh, as if! Honestly, so much advice will be thrown at you by parents, teachers, friends, random strangers, and all the while you are still in shock that you can legally sign your own forms at the doctor's … Continue reading 10 tips for the Senior Class of 2017

About Me

If someone were to ask me who I was, a string of adjectives would be highly ineffective as it would be for any living being. You would only get a one dimensional, lack luster narration empty of struggle, joy, self-doubt, love, and other mundane emotions of a perfectly imperfect human. See, as you live life, … Continue reading About Me