A Letter to my Little Brother

Oh boy. Little brothers. They were your cute little baby dolls then they turned into this machine programmed to annoy you but then one day you realize your “little man” is now turning into an actual man. And I know that in between the times that we are annoying each other, I can sometimes forget to tell you some important things that only an older sister could advise you on. So little brother, this is an open letter to you. Hope you like it.


Be Confident


I know that there are times where we pick on each other and point out each other’s flaws. However, I want to tell you to be confident because I want to give you an inside tip: no one else will accept you unless you accept yourself first. I know that at times you may be insecure about your quirks, but those are what makes you who you are. Your love for building things isn’t weird and your machine gun laugh isn’t outlandish. It doesn’t matter how others compare to you in those aspects because comparison is the thief of joy. So the more you compare yourself to others, the less satisfied you will feel with yourself because each person is different. Your monkey abilities seem weird compared to those of a fish, but they are just as amazing as a fishes ability to swim. Be confident in yourself and be the best monkey out there. If you like Trip Lee, sweet. If you like Barbie Nutcracker, right on. Own it dude.


Dress up every now and then


It’s good to be able to go shirtless. It’s also good to be able to rock a dress shirt. So, be the guy who can do both.



Make people feel special


For some reason, it is “cool” for guys to seem indifferent and too cool for everything. Honestly, I don’t know where this stemmed from. It’s not like people like to be around people who make them feel inadequate. Naturally, the people are drawn to someone who is intentional with everyone they meet. There is nothing unmanly about a guy who will introduce himself to someone new in a conversation or a guy who tries to really listen to what someone is saying. Whether it be for a guy or a girl, when you are sincere with your interactions, you will find that people will be sincere with you, too. Yes, at times you may feel out of your comfort zone when introducing yourself, but 90% of time, the other person is just as uncomfortable as you, so why not be the one to break the ice?



Always say bless you to a dog


I feel like this is pretty self-explanatory, but always say bless you to a dog. Regardless if it is yours or a random dog on the street, always say bless you. Always.



Find what you’re passionate about


I know that finding something that makes you happy is easier said than done, but I encourage you to try a lot of different things and find something you genuinely like doing. I don’t care what it is as long as you aren’t hurting anyone and it’s not illegal – pursue it. And when I say pursue I mean in the way that you are going to have to work for it a little. Nothing worth your time will come easily, but that’s part of the fun, working towards a fun goal. Plus, if it something you enjoy then putting in the work to become good in that aspect won’t feel like a chore.


Love your Mom


Don’t drop your mom because everyone else is. Being a “mama’s boy” isn’t lame. Trust me. From a girl’s perspective, seeing a guy is close to his mom is super attractive and a sign that he is a good guy.



Have faith


This is another thing that I don’t know why guys think it is emasculating to have a relationship with God.  But then again I know there are tons of things that girls do that make zero sense. I know that it can be difficult to balance a relationship with God and the typical fun in high school, but your faith is so incredibly important. The grade in a class or the party you want to go to will easily be forgotten when you go to college. Your faith is something that will carry on throughout your life. So, invest in that relationship and go to Bible studies/camps. Just like your relationship with people, if you don’t ever hang out with God, you start to drift away. Also, remember to always be honest with God. He knows what you’re struggling with, because you know He’s God, so might as well tell Him and you may get some advice from the creator of literally everything (i.e. He may know how to help).


Don’t “Hook ’em”


Don’t do this awful, obscene hand sign. Don’t wear burn orange. Don’t talk about that other school down in Austin. Just don’t do it.



See ya later,



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