10 tips for the Senior Class of 2017

As I am now an older, wiser version of myself, I thought I may spread my wisdom. Ugh, as if! Honestly, so much advice will be thrown at you by parents, teachers, friends, random strangers, and all the while you are still in shock that you can legally sign your own forms at the doctor’s office. So, I’m compiling the best stuff I heard and some things I found out myself. Try them out, see if they help, who knows!




You have probably heard this one from everyone, and let me tell you – they aren’t lying. I applied August 1st, and it was such a blessing that I didn’t have to worry about it. What I didn’t do was apply for scholarships early. It’s best to start planning on what scholarships you think you are qualified for and more importantly, the ones you think you could win. Life is about crazy, so don’t put it off.

  • Go all out.

Whether you have been the queen of school spirit or a huge bundle of hate, go all out. Buy your class shirt, dress up during homecoming week, and go to games (and by go to sports games, I mean going, putting your phone down, and getting over yourself long enough to cheer on your school). When your kids and grandkids ask you to tell them stories about when you were in school, they probably won’t be enthralled with your struggle to break 200 likes on Instagram. If sports/cheering isn’t your jam, there is always theater productions, art shows, concerts, and even comedy sports. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone in order to make new memories and join a community.



  • Senoritis is a thing. But so is your freshman year of college.

Most people catch Senioritis at some point in high school (you probably caught before you were a senior). And while it feels amazing to choose Bachelor in Paradise over Calculus, your life doesn’t end when you graduate. If you are going to college, some of this stuff will pop up again, but it will feel like it is twenty times harder. Take advantage of the amazing AP classes your school offers, while you embrace the freedom of have already applied to college (which you did before school started, right?)

  • Meet people.

Normally you think that is more of an underclassmen thing to still be building your squad; however, I can say that we didn’t find our solid group of friends until the beginning of 2nd semester. With a class size of 750+ people, there is always someone new to connect with. Talk to the person next to you in class or at the basketball game. You don’t know if they could be the missing piece in your squad; however, one thing you do know is that after graduation, you may never see them again. So, don’t wait – be brave!


  • Get to know your teachers.

There are the teachers that you indifferently see once a day, the ones that make you want to rip out your eyelashes one by one, and then there are the ones you will friend on Facebook when you graduate. Yes, you will become friends with teachers on Facebook because you’ll realize that they are pretty cool people. I’m not saying they are the ones that just give you the A because ultimately, you’ll forget about those teachers. But, it’s the ones that make you day less suck-ish. When there is a lull in the class or down time before/after the bell rings, flash your personality and the awesome teacher may flash some back.

  • Eat the school lunch… at least once.

Yes, I will pick Mod over the cardboard pizza and Torchi’s over the burritos, but you have the rest of your life to go out for lunch. Eat it, I promise you won’t die, and if it is really as bad as you imagined, then you at least have a story for the grandkids and can curse Michelle Obama some other time.

  • Remember that you are a leader.

You have been a “servant” to the upperclassmen over the last 3 years. The way they acted dominated the “feel” of the whole year, good or bad. You have to realize the power you have as a senior. Are you going to show the underclassmen that petty desires and selfish betrayal is okay? Or are you going to pull an Elsa and just let it go because you can act like a mature adult? You are in control of the “feel” for the year. Make it good.


  •  Express yourself.

In junior high, it was popular for everyone to have the same Areopostle shirt and Nike socks. High school was a place where you could experiment with who you are. Think about it. How did you define yourself in freshman year? How do you define yourself now? You have come such a long way in your originality – so showcase it! Don’t be afraid to be who you are. Someone once told me that pulling something off isn’t a matter of status quo or genetics, but rather the ability to be confident in yourself. So rock that purple hair, red lipstick, or vest because you know that you look good!

  • Write it down.

I decided to start journaling because I wanted to be able to remember every aspect. It inadvertently helped in another way. So many people tell you it goes by so fast, but journaling helped slow it down. Try journaling or blogging once a night for 5-10 min before you go to bed. Going over every event and struggle and emotion stopped the time from flying by without me knowing.


  • Make each day better than the one before it.

I guess this one isn’t as much a senior tip than it is a life thing. You will have days that suck; ones that make you just want to cry in you car listening to the saddest music known to man. But, that was yesterday and you have today… and you may not have tomorrow. So, make today better. You could treat yourself to smoothie, or you could jam in your car with the windows down in order for you feel the warmth of the sun rays. Someone may have ruined your day, but it is your life, you control how you feel.


So, did you get that? Has your brain shut down from shock yet? Well, however you are feeling, good luck, have fun, and love yourself and each other. You have one year left, you hear that- one year. Don’t waste it but rather embrace it.


See ya later





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