How Life Goes

I have heard an exorbitant amount of times that as I go to college my major will most likely change and so will my friends and probably my views, too. I can believe these statements because if I look back five years ago, I do not want the same things that I did when I was twelve – and I am happy that I don’t. However, my past and the lessons I have learned are indelible; similarly, there is something I will always be drawn to regardless of what the future holds: beauty. Not the ephemeral splendor of appearances, but rather the raw exquisiteness that is invisible yet present in everyday life. Simply, my goals are to find and to share beauty.

The valiant quest for beauty. I am not a noble knight in search of a fair maiden. I am an altruistic girl desiring to unveil the beauty others hold within themselves. Because of the oil industry, my high school housed a myriad of cultures, which have opened my eyes. For instance, the world history class at my school and along with the diverse classroom discussions that followed each lesson taught me a great deal about whom people are personally and as society. I have seen glimpses of how culture and upbringing and struggle influence a person; furthermore, these sights enrapture and excite me. Thus, I want to go out and see people of many cultures like I had in my classes. Not to tour but to sit like an obscure fly on the wall soaking up the essence of each person that walks past. I want to know why there are thick callouses on the palms of their hands or why they’re hesitant to return home every night or why a dance could resonate so deeply within them: I desire to find the beauty within others.Untitled

Be a mirror- reflecting light upon others. Long ago, my mother enrolled me in piano lessons and was determined for me to learn the art of sound. Now, fourteen years later I could not be grateful enough to her for forcing me to practice because I feel as if I have been blessed with the opportunity of music. Through music, I have found an arcane sense of bliss, and the beauty of music is that the bliss is meant to be shared. Parallel to the verse I stated at the beginning of the paragraph, I believe it is quite selfish to have found happiness and not share it with other. History and current events prove that people often feel a dark void within themselves that grows from a lack of enchantment. Therefore, I take upon the task to galvanize joy through music because there is so little time to hesitate. If a prelude can soften a once hardened heart, then so be it. If a waltz can re-ignite a dormant romance, then let it be done. Untitled2

Now I am not entirely quixotic, I know it is not practical for me to build a career where I just travel the world and play the piano and paint the people I meet along the way – regardless of how perfect a life that sounds. I will have to get a job that can provide for me and my future family, but why can I not incorporate parts of my goals to my work. Maybe I will be a psychiatrist instilling hope in the hopeless or maybe a musician who can play beautiful compositions for auditoriums. I don’t know. And I don’t know when I will know. But I’ve heard that’s how life is, so we’ll see how it goes.

See ya later



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