How Have a Great Morning (Paradoy)

Hi ladies! Today, I'm going to share my pearls of wisdom with y'all some tips to have the best morning ever! 1. Keep your room clean This trick I learned from my mother.  When people come over, you have to make it look like no one lives there. It can't look like you sleep there, … Continue reading How Have a Great Morning (Paradoy)


A Letter to my Little Brother

Oh boy. Little brothers. They were your cute little baby dolls then they turned into this machine programmed to annoy you but then one day you realize your "little man" is now turning into an actual man. And I know that in between the times that we are annoying each other, I can sometimes forget … Continue reading A Letter to my Little Brother

Why I Love America

In today's times, showing patriotism could spark contempt and abrasive arguments. But, while negativity has become associated with our country, I think it is important to remember the good. For the record, I'm not bragging about this country while overlooking the problems: that is arrogance. However, ignoring the unique benefits is just plain ignorance. I, … Continue reading Why I Love America